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The district court recognises the important role that media organisations and their accredited representatives perform on behalf of the community in facilitating open justice. It is committed to assisting media organisations to ensure fair and accurate reporting of proceedings before the court.​

For all other media enquiries, please contact the District Court's Media Co-ordinator. Please note that media enquiries are not to be directed to the chambers of judicial officers.

District Court Media Officer

For media enquiries relating to other jurisdictions, please contact:

Media Manager – for Supreme Court, Land and Environment Court and Industrial Relations Commission enquiries.

Spokesperson, Department of Communities and Justice (0484 012 391) – for Local Court, Coroner's Court, Children's Court and Drug Court enquiries.

Images of Judges

Due to changing security risks and concerns, photos of NSW District Court Judges are not automatically released into the public domain. Media can request an official photo from the Court's Media Officer which will be provided if one is available and approved. Photos of Judges used in media reports should show them fully robed and wigged (unless otherwise approved by the Court). Media organisations are never permitted to film or photograph a Judge moving outside a Court complex, and should not use photos of Judges prior to them being appointed to the bench.


Media representatives can apply to film judgment remarks per the courts Media Recording and Broadcasting of Court Judgments Policy and the District Court (Broadcasting Judgments) Act 2014. In criminal matters this means the sentencing proceedings and in civil matters this means the judgment.

Journalists are required to submit an Application to Record/Broadcast a Judgment to the courts Media Co-ordinator, who will liaise with the presiding judge.

Online court lists

The interactive online court list allows journalists to search for a particular case name, case number, location, date, jurisdiction, title of presiding officer and type of listing (for example: directions, hearing, judgment, etc). Journalists can search for cases listed up to two weeks in advance, and for previous listings that have occurred in the last seven days. The interactive online list is updated regularly during the day. There is also a Court List App available, the Search NSW Court Lists app can be downloaded on any mobile phone or tablet device with an IOS or android operating system.


Judicial speeches are delivered at significant events, including the swearing-in of new judges, domestic and international conferences, and retirement ceremonies.


Only parties and their legal representative are automatically entitled to obtain copies of transcripts from court proceedings.  As a non-party to proceedings, media representatives are generally required to apply for transcript under the access rules. If access is granted, media will be required to pay the relevant transcript fees. 

For more information about applying for a transcript please follow the link to the District Court Transcripts page.

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13 Jan 2022

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